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Making CRE Accessible  

Schools in developing countries need educators who can teach conflict resolution skills.

The need for CRE training is especially acute in developing countries. There is a growing international demand for schools to integrate conflict resolution into their curricula, but to date, there has been no coordinated effort to develop cross-cultural teaching practices and training programs, and no systematic way to offer CRE resources to educators around the world. Most of the currently available CRE teacher training resources remain inaccessible because very little material is appropriate for the schools and classrooms in developing countries. In general, the current pedagogy for teaching CRE skills is based on Western cultural norms, and most CRE training resources are written in English. After starting with the English prototype , Images & Education will develop the Peace Teaching Project in five other major languages-- Spanish, French, Arabic, Portuguese and one of the dominant Asian languages , such as Hindi or Mandarin. As the project expands, the training materials can be produced in many other languages.

The Peace Teaching Project will adapt the materials to other languages and cultures.

Because the use of language and tone, unique cultural characteristics, and traditional attitudes towards conflict are all particularly important in conflict resolution education, the Peace Teaching Project will do more than translate the English prototype to other languages. Images & Education will work with professionals from other cultures to adapt the teaching materials and training programs to the nuances of each culture, making these conflict resolution teaching resources accessible to classrooms worldwide.


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