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Peace Teaching Modules

For each of the age groups, Images & Education will design a Peace Teaching Module—a set of materials that includes training manuals, curriculum guides, visual media and web-based networking. Individually, each component will be a powerful resource for CRE teachers. Used collectively, this ensemble of multimedia tools will become a dynamic source of information, knowledge and networking for educators worldwide. Over time, these resources could be updated and expanded.

As each prototype module is developed in English, we will work with our partners to conduct pilot tests to improve the materials. Then we will continue to develop modules for the other age groups and adapt them to other languages and cultures.

Training Manuals and Programs

The training manuals that form the core of the Peace Teaching Modules will help teachers understand the philosophy behind peace education and familiarize them with methodologies used to teach conflict resolution. A main focus of the training program will be for teachers to learn how to model peaceful conflict resolution behavior and practice the classroom activities themselves. The training program will also show teachers how to incorporate the curriculum into the academic year and integrate the interactive learning methods into their classrooms.

Curriculum Guides

The Peace Teaching Project will produce curriculum guides designed for educators in developing countries similar to this one published by our project partner Educators for Social Responsibility.

Teachers who wish to implement conflict resolution education need clear, practical strategies on how to begin. The curriculum guide for each age level will act as a blueprint for beginner CRE teachers. It will draw from some of the best teaching practices and effective classroom curricula and activities from peace education programs across the globe.

Visual Media

Visual media such as DVDs will be a valuable resource in the training programs and will accompany the curriculum guides. The Peace Teaching Project will use video to provide visual examples of activities, curricula and programs. Watching other educators in action who are working in similar school settings will help teachers-in-training to adapt or develop activities for their classrooms, or visualize a curriculum to integrate with their program. The videos can also demonstrate that peace education activities can be done simply and with limited resources.

Web-Based Networking

The Peace Teaching Project is a global program, drawing upon the best teaching practices from countries around the world. To ensure these resources reach as wide an audience as possible, they must go beyond the textbook and training programs.

The Peace Teaching Project will launch a communications hub that aims to:

  • Highlight new CRE programs, strategies, curricula and material
  • Encourage forums and dialogues
  • Create online support networks and platforms for sharing experiences and ideas
  • Link teachers to useful resources, and much more

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