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Project Design  

Images & Education designed the Peace Teaching Project to provide teachers and teacher training centers around the world with multimedia teaching resources and training programs to guide their instruction in the basic concepts of conflict resolution.

Our teaching materials will focus on experiential and participatory learning methods, such as role-play, drama, simulation games, and small group activities, through which children and adults can model peaceful ways to resolve conflicts. Research indicates that these methods enable people to understand other perspectives, therefore reducing bias and improving community relations.

With this educational approach at its core, the Peace Teaching Project must also account for developmental levels, learning environments, cultural settings and other important factors to ensure the development of appropriate training tools. In designing its resources, the Peace Teaching Project will:

  • Target four different age groups
  • Produce four interrelated components tailored to each age group, including training manuals, curriculum guides, visual media and web-based networking
  • Adapt the materials to several other languages

Age Levels

The foundations of peace education can be taught to children and adults of all ages. But how these skills are taught must take into consideration the age and maturity of the learner. Age-appropriate learning is an important factor in developing effective CRE teaching resources.

As the world's population increases, farmers will have to learn conflict resolution skills to help them deal with disputes over access to land and water.

The Peace Teaching Project will include teaching tools targeted at four different age groups: elementary, middle and high school students, and adult learners. These materials will provide learning activities that address the different developmental skills, abilities, and needs of adults and children of various ages, including their social, emotional and intellectual development.

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