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If we can approach peace education with the same level of commitment and expertise that previous generations devoted to their military academies, we will be well on the way to achieving a more lasting security than war could ever provide.

—Her Majesty, Queen Noor of Jordan
Project History

In 1996, Images & Education was invited to Jordan to work with HM Queen Noor's Foundation to help design and implement a national educational program to teach non-violent conflict resolution skills to fifth- and sixth-grade children. "The Culture of Peace" program, which incorporated live performance, experiential learning, and group activities to introduce children to new ideas about resolving conflicts, was well received both nationally and internationally. The program also produced several radio broadcasts and a popular TV special promoting peace education. The Culture of Peace program was funded by the European Union, with additional support from the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

"The Culture of Peace" program in Jordan made creative use of skits and puppets to teach conflict resolution concepts to children.

The success of our work in Jordan led to an invitation from the Algerian Ministry of Education to set up a similar program in their country in 2001. In Algeria, however, the educators we worked with spoke Arabic and French, in contrast to Jordan where many members of the creative team spoke English. It was a challenge, therefore, to introduce them to CRE concepts and approaches when most of our background material was in English. This experience made us realize the significant need for CRE training materials that are accessible to non-English speaking educators and adapted to different cultural contexts. We responded to this challenge by developing the Peace Teaching Project. Images & Education has been establishing a network of peace educators and laying the groundwork for the launch of the Peace Teaching Project since 2001.

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