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Project Outreach  

Universities, teacher training programs and other academic institutions would be the ideal training grounds for the Peace Teaching Project. At a university, the Peace Teaching Project's training programs and materials could help new teachers learn basic CRE concepts even before they teach their first class, while experienced educators interested in learning CRE techniques could attend workshops.

Jean Kumilindi is a student at the Blantyre Teacher Training Center in Malawi. Practicing CRE skills will help improve the learning environment in her classroom.

Promoting peace education at the university level through academic programs, professional courses, conferences and seminars would help teachers incorporate conflict resolution techniques in their classrooms and instill the principles of peace in their students, regardless of the subjects they teach. Government officials, peace workers, civic groups and other organization members interested in learning conflict resolution skills could also learn from the Peace Teaching Project's training programs.


Images & Education, in collaboration with our project partners, will also build working relationships with international NGOs, ministries of education and educational publishers to disseminate the Peace Teaching Project materials.


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