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Project Team

Images & Education has assembled a group of accomplished curriculum developers, media producers and communication specialists committed to promoting conflict resolution education (CRE) to implement the Peace Teaching Project. Collectively, our core project team has produced educational films, taught and developed CRE training programs, organized peace education conferences and developed a strong network of peace educators from around the world.

As the project gets underway, the project team will draw on their vast networks to identify key experts such as CRE trainers and media professionals who can contribute their knowledge and skills to the design and implementation of the project. They will also work with the project partners to identify institutions to pilot test the training program.

Jamil Simon, Project Leader
As Founder and Executive Director of Images & Education, Mr. Simon has championed the use of multimedia tools to advance conflict resolution education around the world. He has worked with national organizations, such as Educators for Social Responsibility, to promote their peace education techniques and curricula through a variety of media outlets. In addition, he has collaborated with international institutions, such as HM Queen Noor's Foundation in Jordan, to design conflict resolution programs in schools.

Mr. Simon brings a unique combination of skills to the Peace Teaching Project. As the President of Spectrum Media, a media production and communications consulting firm, he has considerable expertise in media production for teacher training and has worked in developing countries around the world designing and implementing public awareness programs to promote social, environmental and economic reform.

Mr. Simon has been producing award-winning teacher training films and videos for over 30 years. He has collaborated with the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning at Harvard University for the past 17 years on an internationally distributed series of videos to promote innovations in college level teaching. He has also produced educational films for Oxfam America, The Arthur Vining Davis Foundation, The National Science Foundation and other institutions, and has done work for a number of children's programs such as Sesame Street, Zoom, 3-2-1 Contact and Square One TV. Awards include Red and Blue Ribbons at the American Film Festival, Gold and Silver plaques from the Columbus International Film Festival, several CINE Golden Eagle Awards, and many others.

Since 1990, Mr. Simon has been designing and implementing effective communications programs in developing countries. He has developed public awareness programs to support democratization in Mali, environmental conservation in Malawi and Madagascar, agricultural reform in Senegal and conflict resolution in Jordan. He has also worked on privatization and economic reform projects in Nigeria, Poland, Indonesia and Bahrain. Mr. Simon's clients include USAID, the World Bank, the Asia Development Bank, England's Department for International Development and other donor organizations.

In Malawi, Mr. Simon has designed a communications and outreach program that utilizes the power of print, video, television and radio to raise awareness and educate Malawians on sustainable natural resource management and income generating practices. These educational materials are being disseminated to rural farmers through TV and radio, college-based training programs, extension agents, private sector cooperatives and distribution companies.

Barbara Barnes, Educational Consultant
Dr. Barnes is a facilitator and trainer for the International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution at Columbia Teachers College. Currently, she is teaching a course on Curriculum and Pedagogy in Conflict Resolution Education. She also teaches a "Pathways to Peace" course for educators at the City University of New York's School of Professional Studies.

As a faculty member at Brooklyn College, she helps to prepare teachers for the New York City public schools.

Previously, Dr. Barnes collaborated with Images & Education on the research report for UNESCO's Peace Education Database, a comprehensive collection of CRE material available around the world. She also developed "Peaceable School" programs and curricula for the Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility, formerly known as Educators for Social Responsibility Metro.

Antonella Verdiani, Educational Consultant
As a Program Specialist in Education for Peace in UNESCO's Education Sector, Antonella Verdiani developed peace education programs and promoted CRE practices that emphasize innovative methods and a transdisciplinary approach. She also organized conferences on peace and non-violence education in cooperation with NGOs and government organizations. As a result of this work, she has developed a network of peace educators from around the world.

Ms. Verdiani's experience in UNESCO's Culture of Peace program, coupled with her field experience in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America, strengthened her commitment to developing a global vision of education that respects cultural diversity and human values. She recently established the "Center for Transdisciplinary Training and Education" in Paris, where she works in the field of training, counseling and planning in education. Ms. Verdiani is currently pursuing a PhD in Transdisciplinary Education at the University of Paris VIII, France.

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