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Starting with Teachers  
...teachers impart life skills and act as role models for their students.

Regardless of age, nationality or religion, everyone must learn that there are non-violent ways to resolve conflicts. And teachers are the ones with the power to promote these conflict resolution techniques. Educators are a major influence in a student's life as they carefully guide his education and watch over his daily interactions with classmates. They teach more than just reading and math; with each lesson, teachers impart life skills and act as role models for their students . Most effective when taught by modeling positive behavior, peace education would be a valuable addition to every teacher's curriculum.

Educators can use many creative activities to teach conflict resolution skills to children.

Images & Education recognizes the tremendous potential teachers have in supporting conflict resolution education, whether their classroom is in India, Zambia, Jordan or Canada. But before teachers can incorporate peace education in their classrooms, they must internalize the basic concepts and practice the techniques themselves . Only then will they fully understand the methodologies and be prepared to teach conflict resolution. Our goal is to empower educators everywhere by synthesizing the best available CRE resources, creating comprehensive teacher training programs and curriculum guides, and adapting these materials to multiple languages and cultures. The Peace Teaching Project materials will be used to train educators in the basic concepts of conflict resolution.

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