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Training with Visual Media

Another unique feature of the Peace Teaching Project is its extensive use of video to guide educators in their instruction of conflict resolution.

Modern digital video makes it easier and less expensive to produce educational video programs.

Video is a powerful communication tool because of its ability to deliver basic knowledge and skills training, as well as to communicate and model behavioral information. Using video to model positive behavior, teach new skills or explain concepts can help accelerate the process of learning--for both teachers and students. It is also a versatile tool that can demonstrate complex techniques such as conflict resolution and motivate change by showing success stories. Because it is an excellent media for communicating affective (emotional or behavioral) information, video is an ideal medium for the Peace Teaching Project.

DVDs and videos can now be shown almost anywhere.

Visual media will enhance professional development and the training programs by illustrating how conflict resolution skills are taught and practiced in schools in other developing countries. Showing successful peace teaching programs and practices can also motivate educators to try teaching conflict resolution skills themselves. In interviews and testimonials, teachers trained in CRE can talk about their experiences, challenges and successes with integrating conflict resolution into their classrooms. Other segments can show instructors using conflict resolution techniques in their classrooms and demonstrate some of the activities included in the curriculum guides.

Portable battery-operated DVD players make it possible for teachers in developing countries to learn from CRE training videos.

In addition, advances in technology have made delivering video programs to viewers easier and more affordable. Most notable is the development and proliferation of DVDs. One DVD has the capacity to present several hours of video, and DVD menus make the content easy to navigate. With the ability to play on home television sets, lap-top computers, portable DVD players and video projectors, DVDs can reach any audience with access to these basic viewing tools. Battery-powered portable DVD players can even reach teachers in rural areas without electricity.

The Peace Teaching Project will make the best use of DVDs and other media to ensure wide dissemination and rapid adoption of CRE techniques. These powerful visual resources will be used in the training programs and accompany the curriculum guides.


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