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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

—Nelson Mandela

What is CRE?


These school children in Jordan are using role-play to practice conflict resolution skills.
Effective conflict resolution is based on a set of teachable skills and simple concepts. The fundamental concept of conflict resolution education (CRE) is that there is nothing inherently wrong with conflict; what matters is how we deal with it--in our interactions with individuals as well as our approach to other cultures, religions and nations. Practicing skills like creative problem solving and active listening, and developing attitudes of respect and tolerance make it possible to resolve conflicts peacefully.

...children learn better when conflict resolution techniques are practiced in a school environment.

Because conflict resolution education is most often taught through behavioral teaching, the learning methods used are as important as the content. The Peace Teaching Project will use experiential and participatory learning methods because peaceful ways of resolving conflicts are best learned when children and adults have the chance to practice and apply them in their lives. Role-play and drama, art, simulation games, pair and small group activities, and cooperative learning make concepts and skills come alive. Research indicates that these methods also build better group relations, reduce bias, and enable children to understand the perspectives of others. Studies also indicate that children learn better when conflict resolution techniques are practiced in a school environment. Activities for teaching adults may differ in presentation and format, but share the same experiential orientation.

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